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About Us

Andustoria is the culmination of years of collaboration and hard work by its founders, Rachel Wunsch and Steven Stoltz, both native Texans. They initially met through a mutual friend while working at the same hospital several years ago. Despite their different backgrounds — Rachel hailing from small town Victoria, and Steven residing in Austin — they quickly discovered shared interests and formed a strong bond. Their time together, whether in Austin, Victoria, or somewhere in between, became affectionately known as their "happy place," eventually leading to the nickname Andustoria.

Exploring the best of both cities, from venues and events to a wide array of food establishments, Rachel and Steven found particular joy in visiting Texas wineries, due to their mutual interest in the wine industry. Inspired by annual vacations with friends to wine destinations like Oregon, Napa/Sonoma, and Washington, Rachel became enrolled in a winemaking certificate program during the Covid pandemic, expanding her knowledge and network within the wine community. Meanwhile, Steven's prior experience in establishing a nonprofit and small corporation for his medical business equipped him with valuable skills in business management and entrepreneurship.

After careful consideration, research, and planning, Rachel and Steven decided to create their own wine label, focusing on producing great Texas wines to share with friends, family, and wine lovers in Austin, Victoria, and beyond. Thus, Andustoria was born.

With Andustoria, Rachel and Steven aim to provide a gathering place for individuals from all walks of life to come together, share their unique perspectives, and find common ground while enjoying a glass of 100% Texas wine. The brand serves as a tribute to their origins in both Austin and Victoria, symbolizing the coming together of their individual journeys to discover their shared "happy place." Whether you join them in the tasting room or take a bottle of Andustoria with you, they invite you to savor the spirit of their journey wherever you find your own Andustoria!


Rachel Wunsch

As a native Victorian, I have had the privilege of witnessing the growth of this community while still maintaining its small-town charm. Victoria has been an incredible place to live and raise my son, who is now attending college. Throughout my adult life, I have dedicated myself to the healthcare industry, working as a family nurse practitioner. My nursing journey began at Victoria College, laying the groundwork for further education. In 2005, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Nursing, followed by a Doctorate in Nursing Practice in 2010. For the past 16 ½ years, I have proudly served the Victoria Community at a local nonprofit hospice.

During the onset of the COVID pandemic in 2020, I found myself contemplating a new path – pursuing my passion for the wine industry. It was a time that forced many of us to see the world from a different perspective, highlighting the fragility of life, but also the incredible strength and resilience within us. The extended period of social distancing gave rise to moments of self-reflection and introspection. It was during this time that my long-held dream of owning a winery and producing Texas wines was brought to life.

I decided to enroll in the Texas Tech University at Fredericksburg Winemaking Certificate program, and it quickly became evident that this endeavor was about so much more than simply making wine. The program equipped me with the foundational knowledge to establish and develop a winery, as well as the winemaking process. Furthermore, it provided a fantastic opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow winemakers. It was through this program that I was introduced to John Rivenburgh, who runs a wine incubator at his Kerrville Hills Winery. Collaborating with the incubator program has been an invaluable source of knowledge and experience, positioning me as Andustoria’s winemaker to create exceptional Texas wines from the very beginning.

Transitioning from the field of healthcare to the wine industry is undoubtedly a leap of faith, but I am incredibly excited to take you along on this journey. After extensive preparation and a successful Harvest 2022, our Andustoria tasting room will open its doors in early 2023. I cannot wait to welcome you and share in the joy of experiencing our wines together.

To new beginnings…Cheers!
Rachel Wunsch